Harvey Mudd 社区 Announcements

Update from HMC President Maria Klawe


Dear Harvey Mudd College 社区, As we close out the 2020-2021 academic year and begin looking ahead to summer and our plans to reopen the campus for in-person activities this fall, I have been reflecting on my 15 years as president of Harvey Mudd College. As you know, the board of trustees held its May […]

Condemning Asian and Asian American Violence


亲爱的同学们, 教职员工, Tuesday’s brutal and deadly attack by a white gunman in metropolitan Atlanta, which ended the lives of eight people—including six Asian women—is the latest in a series of extremely violent incidents against Asians and Asian Americans across this country. Begun largely by the xenophobic language used against members of this […]

International Students to be Allowed into U.S. 如果类在线


Dear HMC 社区, We are very happy to share the news that the U.S. 部门 首页land Security has reached an agreement to rescind its earlier policy directive requiring international students take in-person classes in order to study in the U.S. Harvey Mudd values our international students highly and earlier had joined colleges and universities […]

Addressing Systemic Racism


亲爱的同学们, 教职员工, Black Lives Matter. We condemn these senseless killings. We condemn police violence. We condemn the crushing sense of injustice that we feel when we hear these stories day in and day out. We believe that no Black person should be afraid of a traffic stop, of a jog in their […]

Message from the President


Dear members of the Harvey Mudd College community, I write this message as Los Angeles County again prepares for another night of curfews in the wake of protests in cities across the U.S. This is a time of great challenge, extreme frustration and deep sadness in our community and in our country, with inequities and […]